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Your Issues are in Your Tissues.

Holistic Skin Rejuvenating Organic Facials in San Diego.

Look Younger, Healthier and Feel Better.

The Results For You:

  1. Your facial, neck and shoulder muscles gain tone and flexibility as contractions, induced by stress, are released.
  2. Your skin cells are fed and nourished with a fresh, lively flow of oxygen, blood, and lymph.
  3. Emotional crystallizations held in your musculature dissolve, freeing the trapped energy for more constructive purposes, allowing you to release the past and move into the future while being present in the moment.
  4. Nerve pathways open throughout your head and body enhancing a free flow of vitality everywhere.

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  1. The “energy healing” aspect of the treatment goes all the way down to the energetic level thus treating the physical and astral bodies: a principle revealed by such luminaries as Dr. Deepak  Chopra.
  2. After treatment, the ravages of life as seen in the face resolve: giving way to a face that looks refreshed with a healthy youthful glow.
  3. I have over 25 years experience providing and teaching expert energy healing therapeutic massage treatments.
  4. I can best resolve these issues especially those of the face, head, neck and shoulders.
  5. SPIRITUS means ‘breath’ in Latin. Our feelings ride on the breath; subsequently during any facial/body treatment emotional crystallizations dissolve thus facilitating the healing process.

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I use all Organic Products by Evan Healy

Evan Healy is an artisan-quality skin care treatment line created by aesthetician Evan Healy. Her holistic approach draws from traditional plant lore, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and homeopathy.

Through her experience with holistic therapies Evan has observed the connection between plants and skin. Rather than treating areas of imbalance such as an overly oily condition, the more holistic, successful and long-term solution is to support the totality of skin functions using simple plant-based formulations and non-invasive treatment methods. This approach encourages the skin, with its innate ability to regulate itself, to breathe.

Evan has borrowed from the wisdom of nature utilizing many certified organic ingredients such as nourishing nut and seed oils, herbal extracts, homeopathically prepared flower essences, pure plant hydrosols, and fresh, steam-distilled essential oils to create her cleansing milks, serums, creams, emulsions, butters and natural clays.

Evan Healy skincare heals, repairs, refreshes and regenerates a wide variety of skin conditions from oily, sensitive and blemished to dry, dehydrated, inflamed and delicate… and all the subtle nuances that lay between.



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Owner Scott Truel

*Holistic Health Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician (facials), Psychic, Reiki HealerEnergy Healer – offers Energy Healing, Expert Massage Therapy Treatments of the Face, Head, Neck Massage & Shoulders as well as Holistic Skin Rejuvenation Facials, Psychic Tarot Card Readings and Past Life Clearing from his office in San Diego, California 92108. He can be reached for inquiries by calling 619-540-9397.

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